In “Yank” I am chiefly concerned with understanding how time intersects with the perception. “Yank” is built from 1 hour of footage of 1 moving flag. The hour is divided into sections and overlapped into a crescendo of layers from 1 flag to many and back. This piece attempts a glimpse of what an object would be without the linear constraints of time—to experience an object as an accumulation of its past. Over a 25 minute loop, the structure gently opens and closes a view into simultaneity. A feeling of privilege begets both the awe of being the witness and the author of the moment. To this end, the multiplicity of the flags conflate observation and participation. It is the betwixt state of being that drive this investigations.
What do you think?

Yank2014, archival pigment print, 40" x 60", ed. 9
Yank2014, 25 minute loop

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